Monday, 5 December 2016

November Favourites

Can you even believe it's December already, it's crazy! But since it's December that means it's time for my November Favourites, which are of course all Disney themed. I have quite a few this month so let's get started..

First up is the Moana Classic Doll from The Disney Store. Moana came out last Friday here in the UK, but I haven't seen it yet so that's a must watch! I did buy the classic doll though in the black Friday sale as I knew I wanted her for my collection and didn't want her to sell out like Elsa & Anna did back when Frozen came out. She is so chunky and beautiful, I love her so much as she is so different to the general princesses. 

I've recently decided to start collecting the Disney Shoe Ornaments and knew I needed Rapunzel. I got Tinkerbell last year, Minnie when I went to Disneyland Paris earlier this year and I've ordered quiet a few for Christmas! Rapunzel was going to be harder though as they didn't sell it in Disneyland Paris or online at the Disney Store and the only place to find it was ebay for crazy prices!! Luckily I found the shoe on facebook on a Disney selling page for a great price and had to get it. The shoe is stunning with pink & purple glitter and her hair braided up the heel with flowers. 

Over the past month I've been doing alot of trading and managed to acquire one of my grails along the way, I'm talking about this amazing Frozen Jumbo! It's actually massive and I love the stain glass detail in the background. It also has all the main characters on it, which is hard to find as Hans is often excluded from merchandise. Elsa and Anna also have a pin-on-pin 3D effect, which is super cool! I still can't believe I now own this pin!!

I actually got this Belle in a raffle and I love her so much! I have been wanting her for ages especially with the amazing detail on her dress of her castle. I always love Jim Shore's take on the Disney characters with his patterns and I think Belle looks stunning.

I've been collecting the Disney Christmas decorations this year and this has to be one of my favourites. Peter Pan is my favourite Disney movie (if you don't know already!) so this was a must have for me. I love the Big Ben scene in the movie and kind of wished this ornament showed the same time as the movie but you can't have everything perfect! It includes Peter Pan & all three children (Michael is on the back) and it covered in gold glitter.

And of course I couldn't do my November Favourites without including this amazing Princess figure set from The Disney Store. I did a full review on this set last week, which you can find here. I love this set so much as it includes so many princesses and sidekicks that are often forgotten. The are covered in pretty glitter and look great in or out of the box! 

That's all my favourites for November! 
What's your favourite?

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