Saturday, 3 September 2016

September Q&A

Even after a couple of years blogging I've never done a Q&A as I was always scared people wouldn't ask questions but I risked it all and decided now as the time to try! I asked my Instagram & Facebook friends to ask me Disney questions and luckily I got some responses! 

@katedoesdisney on instagram asks: What's your favourite Disney pin out of your collection?
My favourite pin is actually quite a recent one that I bought. It's a circular pin with Walt's picture in the mickey, surrounded by different Mickey's! 

@missalexmo on instagram asks: If you could choose a Disney sidekick to be you best friend, which one would you choose? 
Probably Tinkerbell as she is one of my favourite characters. She is a fairy, gets to be best friends with Peter Pan, live in Neverland & fight Captain fun!
@missalexmo also asks: Which is your favourite Disney princess dress and why? 
It has to be Elsa! I love to ice blue dress so much, it holds so much empowerment and just reminds me of being free! 

@fairycollector88  asks: What's your favourite non disney princess character? 
Peter Pan of course!!

@disneybarbielove asks: Who are your top 5 favourite Disney instagram pages?
 I love so many including @katedoesdisney, @disneylushaddict, @disneyinparticular, @disneyfind and @disneycollectorx. 

@disneybarbielove also asks: What's your your top 5 favourite Disney princesses? 
Rapunzel, Elsa, Anna, Belle & Cinderella but I also love Ariel, Snow White & Merida!

@disney_obsesser_ asks: Which Tsum Tsum sets do you hope for the future?
As I said in my Tsum Tsum tag, I'd love more princesses like Aurora & Tiana. 

@thetikicandlecompany asks: What is your favourite Disney film?
Like my favourite character, my favourite Disney film is Peter Pan! :)

@enchanted_rose96 asks: Do you have an item in your collection that is special to you and why?
All my collection is special to me but my most special item has to be my Peter Pan snowglobe that I got for Christmas. Peter Pan means so much to me and so does this snowglobe! 

@enchanted_rose96 also asks: What was the first disney film you recall watching?
I thought it was The Lion King but according to my parents it was either Jungle Book or Winnie the Pooh!

@mirren_k asks: Who is your favourite Disney character to meet? 
Peter Pan..see a theme coming on! I really was super excited that I got to meet Peter Pan but Tiana & Naveen were amazing too! Oh...Donald and Rapunzel!

@mirren_k also asks: What character would you most like to meet that you haven't met in the parks yet?
Captain Hook! I didn't meet him on my last trip as he wasn't out on the day I wanted to meet him but he is my main goal for next time!

@collageconnection asks: If you could meet Walt Disney what would you ask him?    
 This is hard but I'd probably ask if he was proud of what Disney had become..

Whitest Fly on facebook asks: Is there any Disney story you would like to see a sequel of?
 I'm happy that Peter Pan already has a sequel but I'd love a prequel of that where he meets Tinkerbell..if that counts? I'd also love a Tangled sequel of Rapunzel and Flynn getting use to royal life, kinda like Cinderella 2!

Amanda Jane Philips on facebook asks: If you could be any Disney character who would you be? 
 Probably Tinkerbell for the exact same reason as I said why I'd love to be her best friend! Elsa would be pretty cool too!

   That's all my questions! Thankyou to everyone who asked me a question, I'm truly grateful!

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