Sunday, 18 December 2016

Disney Secret Santa Swap

So today I'm carrying on from my own Blogger Swap to a Secret Santa swap, which was set up by my amazing instagram friends @katedoesdisney, @disneyinparticular and @alexburgers
My gifts came from @taylorburgess13 and I love them so much that I had to share them with you! Now if you already followed me on instagram you will have probably seen the gifts but if not you in for a great treat :)

Firstly I will share the stunning card she sent me with a beautiful picture of the Disneyland Paris castle at Christmas taken by the amazing Laura Knighton. Laura is also known as @thatdisneylover on instagram, twitter. She also has a Youtube channel, which is awesome! Anyway, the picture is stunning. 

Next is an adorable postcard of my favourite place in the Disney universe, Neverland! This postcard is made by the wonderful Lizi, known on instagram as @disneyisalwaysagoodidea. Lizi makes postcards for all different Disney locations printed on a logo just like a tube station. I love this so much and hope to get more in the future so I can put some of my favourite locations up in my room!

This piece of art is also made by Lizi from @disneyisalwaysagoodidea and I LOVE IT! Rapunzel is my favourite princess and this is just stunning. Lizi takes pictures from Disney books & art and make little decorations. You can't see on the picture very well but it's covered in glitter too! You can buy these from here Etsy shop here! She is currently closed for Christmas but will be back up & running soon :)

Lastly are the most beautiful pair of ears I've ever seen. These are no ordinary ears though as they are handmade by Lola Hancock on instagram, known as @lubyandlola. I've been wanting a pair of Luby&Lola ears since I first followed them but never got the chance but here I am with my first pair! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! As you can see they are Belle inspired with gold glitter & yellow bow with small rose detail. I can't wait to wear them to Disneyland Paris next year when I go for my 18th! I'm also sure I'll be buying more especially Tinkerbell, Rapunzel & Marie pairs, I feel a collection coming on...! You can buy Lola's ears on Etsy here! She is currently closed for Christmas but will be back up & running soon :)

I love my gifts so much and once again can't believe how nice & amazing people I only know online can be! Thankyou so much Taylor if you reading this :) 

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