Saturday, 10 December 2016

My Disney Plush Collection

I was wondering what to blog about today and decided on sharing my plush collection with you! Over the years I've collected quite a few plushies and this isn't even all of my Disney ones as I have older ones from WDW that my Dad bought years ago. These are the plushies that I have in my room on my floor & on my shelves, so here we go..

Gaston | Belle | Beast | Peter Pan | Tinkerbell | Rapunzel | Anna | Elsa | Snow White

I'm going to start off with my shelf plushies. These are some of my favourites as they are mostly the soft dolls. They include some of my favourite characters from Gaston to Elsa! I think the detail of the clothes and faces on these dolls are lovely too, they are a great gift for any Disney fan! Beast is extra special to me as I bought him in Disneyland Paris this year. I also love my Frozen dolls as Anna was the first I ever got and I remember The Disney Store were sold out of Elsa for months and she came online one day and I rushed to get her!

Thumper | Stitch | Baymax

These are my random plushies as I like their characters but they aren't favourites of mine, though in plush form they are all adorable! I bought Stitch when I went to Disneyland Paris for the first time and fell in love, which was weird as I didn't have anything Stitch previously. Thumper was on a special offer when I bought him but I love him so much, he is so cute!! As soon as I saw Baymax in the Big Hero 6 trailer I knew I loved his design, so cute & simple. I knew the plush would sell out as soon as the movie came out so I bought him just before and I'm glad I did!

Ariel | Sofia the First | Tramp | Lady | Olaf

I love my Ariel and I got her for my birthday one year, the only annoying thing is that she can't sit on my shelf because of her tail! I LOVE her red long soft hair though. I also have a tiny Sofia the First as she is so small and I love her dress. I only recently got Lady & Tramp in the 'Buy 1 get one for a £1' sale, which was just too good to resist! They are two of my favourites now. Olaf was one of my first plushies and he actually sings! I remember getting him when I went to Oxford Street Disney Store for my birthday :)

Pua | Medium Donald Tsum Tsum

Pua is just THE CUTEST THING EVER!!! I saw Pua for the first time and knew I needed him! Pua is the softest little pig in the world and I love him so much!!! I also love my Donald Medium Tsum Tsum. Donald is one of my favourite classic characters so I obviously need him in every form :)

Marie | Pluto Pillow Pet | Donald Duck

Another favourite character of mine is Marie, she is just so girly and classy. I love how soft her plush is and the detail on her bows. The Pluto Pillow Pet is actually from Disneyland Paris a few years ago and I haven't seen them anywhere else in the UK, which is kind of sad as I'm sure they would sell if they put them in the Disney Store. I use my pillow pet every night and it so comfy. As I said before, I need Donald in every form so here is classic Donald. He was another recent purchase and I LOVE his little outfit!!

Rapunzel Toddler | Tinkerbell Toddler | Elsa Toddler | Anna Toddler

These are the original toddler/animator dolls that they started making a few years ago. Recently they changed them to a new design but I much prefer these as I find them cuter. Sadly I only have four and would have loved more but I'm happy with the four I have. I love how detailed but small these are too.

And that's my Disney Plush Collection! Not as big as some people's but plush aren't my main collection so I'm happy with what I have. I hope to get more in the future..well as many as my floor can handle!

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