Sunday, 27 November 2016

Disney Princess Mega Figure Set Review

Yesterday I went my local Disney Store and totally fell in love with this Disney Princess Mega Figure Set so I knew I had to buy it especially after putting it on my Christmas Gift Guide! Luckily it's still in the Black Friday sale (till today!) so I got it for a great price. This retails at £44.99 in the UK but I got this for £25 in the sale, which I'm so happy about.

The set includes 20 figures from all the different princess movies. Now you can get these princess figures normally in two different smaller sets but the cool thing about this set is you get the sidekicks/animals too from Jaq & Gus to Rajah. It includes every princess up excluding Elsa & Anna, which is awesome as sometimes some of the princesses get left out of certain products.

The princesses & sidekicks included are:
  • Snow White & Forest Animals
  • Cinderella & Jaq and Gus
  • Aurora & Forest Animals Dressed as the Prince
  • Ariel & Flounder and Scuttle
  • Belle & Philipe 
  • Pocahontas & Meeko
  • Mulan & Mushu and Cricket
  • Tiana & Naveen
  • Rapunzel & Pascal
  • Merida & Angus

Most of the princesses sparkle as they are painted with glitter! The details on each princess are great and each pose really captures each character to the fullest.  This would be the perfect present for a Disney fan as it includes such a range of princesses, some that hardly get noticed anymore. Whether it's for a young child or an older fan, I think they will love it! It is perfect to keep in box as the box itself is so pretty or to take out and play with or display (like I am!). 

 I think this set is worth the RRP price of £44.99, with the range of figures and detail but as I said in my Christmas Gift Guide, I'm sure you can get this for less coming up to Christmas as The Disney Store always has some kind of amazing offer! 

Click here to buy this amazing set!

 I wanna know whose your favourite in the set?
Mine has to be either Snow White or the Animal Friends dressed as the Prince!

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