Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The Tsum Tsum Tag

Another Disney thing I collect are Tsum Tsums. I love that are stackable and smaller cute versions of popular Disney characters. I found this tag on Lucy's blog, Disney In Particular, which you can see here

1. How many Tsum Tsums have you got?
I have 72 mini ones and 1 medium, which is Donald :)

2. What was your first?
My first tsum tsums were Minnie, Marie, Donald & Snow White. I ordered them from a friend on instagram in America, as they weren't out in the UK at that time. 

3. Do you have any full sets?
 I do have a couple but not many, as I collect so many other things I decided that I'd just collect my favourite Tsum Tsums instead of completing sets.  

4. What's your favourite set?
Peter Pan is my favourite set as it's my favourite movie and all the characters look awesome in Tsum Tsum form!

5. Who is your most wanted Tsum Tsum?
 Oo..that's hard. Probably Baloo at the moment as I missed his release and he reminds me of my Dad. Oh and Scar as he is a favourite of mine! 

6. What set do you want them to make?
 Weirdly enough most of my favourite Disney movies have been made into Tsum Tsums from Tangled & Frozen to Peter Pan & Beauty and the Beast..I'd like some more princesses in the future like Aurora & Tiana! 

7. Do you just collect Disney or do you collect the Star Wars & Marvel ones? 
I actually only collect the Disney Tsum Tsums as that's what I collect. I love Marvel but don't collect it so didn't see I point. I'm not a massive Star Wars fan so I didn't feel the need to buy those either!

8. Do you have any from Clintons/Target/Other non-Disney Store Shops?
I do have a few Clintons ones because sometimes I just don't have the cash on Tsum Tsum Tuesdays or I forget..or I can't be bothered to get up! I prefer the Disney Store versions but you can't have it all!

9. Do you dislike any Tsum Tsums?
I don't think the first Alice in Wonderland set was amazing..particularly the Mad Hatter, he just looks odd :(

10. Which characters do you think they should have released in previous sets?
I would have loved an angry red Tink in the Peter Pan set as a varient, she would have been cool!

I thought I'd end with some pictures of my collection. I store them in these super cute cubes and I've actually ran out of room so there may be no more Tsum Tsums for a while!

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Sims 4: Disney Princesses

I love The Sims games and love making my favourite characters! If you followed my other blog you will have seen my other creations, if not you can see them here! I've made Equestria Girls, Ever After High, Disney Fairies..but now it's time for the Disney Princesses!


You can download all these princesses on my Sims 4 Gallery: nevergrowup_x
If you have a request of a certain Disney character let me know!

Friday, 26 August 2016

My Disney Pin Collection

I've been collecting Disney pins since 2014 and I'm totally addicted. I first noticed pins when I went to DLP in 2013 but only bought one. Then I started instagram and found out people where collecting & trading via social media. I loved looking at all the different designs and styles you could get of all different characters! It was an awesome way to collect Disney but it doesn't take up too much room..well so I thought! Two pinboards on my walls later, I've realised how crazy pin collecting can be! 

I sort my pins into different sections to make them look nice and tidy.
I collect:
  • Frozen
  • Peter Pan
  • Tangled
  • Disney Dreams
  • Beauty & the Beast
  • Villains
  • Random pins that I like..(disneyland 60th anniversary, sets, princesses..)

 Frozen was one of the first collections I started as I love the characters and movie so much. The hype for Frozen pins was crazy and my collection is no where near other amazing collections. Since I live in the UK, it is extremely hard to get special LE pins or hard to find pins as they always cost crazy money because I can't just go to a Disney Park to pick them up myself! Luckily I got good deals on my pins and I'm proud of my collection. 

Beauty and the Beast is one of my newest collections as you can see by how small is it compared to others. I do have a couple of other pins like Gaston, Beast, Lumiere, Cogsworth & Chip but they are on my other character pinboard. I love the gold that are used in these pins and I'm really proud that I collected the whole of the New Fantasyland set. 

Tangled was also one of the first collections I started since Rapunzel is my favourite princess. I have quite alot of special LE pins in my Tangled collection like the book & stained glass. I love all the pinks and purples that they use for Rapunzel and of course all the blonde hair! 

Peter Pan is my biggest collection and my favourite next to my Disney Dreams pins. Peter Pan is my favourite character and movie so it was an obvious choice to collect him. I love my Peter Pan pins and I was lucky to get alot of them for amazing prices! My favourites are the locket & the Designer Fairytale LE pin. 

These are my princess pins and shields. I'm extremely lucky to have all the shields in the collection as I know Snow White & Belle are hard to find now. I got these for Christmas one year from an amazing french seller, who kindly picked them up for me from DLP and sold at a great price! I wasn't sure on them at first but now I love all the colours and style. My favourite pins are the locket & top one with all the princesses one. 

I'm the HUGEST fan of the Disneyland Paris night time fireworks show 'Disney Dreams' and when I found out they made pins for it I knew I had to collect them. I bought all the OE bottom ones from the Disney Store website when I first started, then eventually bought the LE top pins. I know I'm still missing Alice in Wonderland & Tangled LE pins but one day they will be mine! 

 On the left is my small collection of a set called 'Once Upon a Time'. They came out in Disneyland & Walt Disney World in mystery boxes and I love them. I traded for 3 of them and bought the other 2 for an amazing price as they can be quite expensive. They are quite big pins and even have a little stand, which has their name on! On the right is my nesting doll set that came out last year in Disneyland & WDW. They are pins of some of the princesses and some other characters like the fairies from Sleeping Beauty, Tinkerbell & Mary Poppins. 

At the top are pins different sets such as the Princess Cameos, DLP Cast Member badges, Princess Cell Phones & Once Upon a Time Tokyo Show Pins. At the bottom are all my hotel, year, park & attraction pins. I'm trying to collect a year pin every time I go to DLP so I still need a 2013! I have a Santa Fe hotel pin as I stayed there when I went a couple of weeks ago. I have all my park pins and attraction pins from all the different parks too. 

These are random pins that I just like so I keep. I have a little Arisocats collection, Aladdin collection & then other randoms like Sofia the First, Up, Jungle Book..etc! 

These are some of my most treasured pins as they are for Disneyland 60th Anniversary. The blue diamond at the top is one of my favourite and most special pins. My Californian friend got it for me and I love it!

This is my Villains collection. I love the pop art looking ones as they are so different! I'm trying to get one of every villain, as villains are generally my favourite!

Then my newest collection and project is on a small pinboard. I'm trying to collect as my characters as my board will fit. So far I've done pretty well and can't wait to collect more and more different characters so by the end it will be one huge montage and of course Walt is in the middle!

That's my pin collection. I will blog about my pins more in other posts.
Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, 25 August 2016

My Favourite Disney Vloggers & Bloggers

I've been watching vloggers and reading blogs for ages now so I decided to share some of my favourite Disney ones with you, then you can enjoy them too!

First up is Ellie Steadman from Ellie's Ramblings. Ellie is one of my favourite youtubers and bloggers. I found Ellie through her blog 'Ellie's Ramblings' which she used to write, but now she is a Youtuber on her channel 'Ellie Steadman'. She vlogs all her disney trips to WDW & DLP and makes videos all about Disney from her favourites to her collection to her tips. 

Next is another Disney Youtuber 'Sam4God'. Sam vlogs all her disney trips, which are normally hours long! One of her most recent trips was to the opening of Shanghi Disney..how cool is that!? She also is a huge theatre addict and has the best reviews on different theatre shows. Just like Ellie, she also posts tips, favourites & hauls. 

My next favourite is british blogger Lucy from 'Disney in Particular'. Lucy blogs all things Disney and was one of the biggest inspiration to start this Disney blog! Her blog includes reviews, competitions, hauls and more! I love Lucy's photos the most, they are really good!

Laura, who is known as 'ThatDisneylandLover' is my next favourite. Her channel is full of vlogs and they are so good! She also is an amazing artist and photographer..it seriously makes me jealous! She even has videos of some of the Disney shows and parades!

My last pick is 'SeeYaReelSoon' on Youtube. Ashley & Joe are an adorable couple, who vlogs all their Disney trips. They have tons of videos from their adventures in the Disney parks. They also have the best jokes and fun in the Disney parks ever...I totally wish I could go with them! 

 That's all my picks for my favourite Disney bloggers & vloggers, there are actually TONS in this community..so check them all out! 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Disneyland Paris Haul!

I recently went to Disneyland Paris with my Dad and I bought quite alot while I was there so I thought I'd share my purchases with all of you! 

Beast was the first thing I bought while in DLP and he was pretty expensive, coming in at 40 euros! He is the new style plush that has been brought out in the last month or so for the anniversary of the movie. In my opinion, he looks more friendly than in previous plushies, which I like. I love the detail on his jacket and he even has a little bow in his hair! 

My Dad actually bought me Tinkerbell as I spotted her on our last day and didn't have any extra cash! He treated me to her as a present and I love her! Tinkerbell is one of my favourite characters so this doll was needed for my Disney doll collection. This is the Disney Parks Exclusive Doll so you can't buy her in local stores. You can buy a similar design but her face and dress are slightly different. I felt the face and detail on this Tink was better than the Disney Store version so I'm happy to have her in my collection now.

I'm an avid pin collector so I went abit nuts on pins! I bought pins of all different characters and special ones like the '2016' pin and 'Santa Fe' pin. I love them all but my favourites are the Zootopia, Grape Soda & Tinkerbell pins. I must have spent over 100 euros on pins but alot of these are DLP exclusive and you can't find pins in the UK so I knew I was going to buy alot! 

I got all the princess & sidekick snowglobes for Christmas back in 2014, my set was completed...until they released Elsa! She appeared on the Disney Store for a day and sold out then hasn't appeared since! I was lucky enough to find her in DLP as now my set is complete once again :) I love this snowglobe and I think Elsa looks stunning. I love how they gave her a smile instead of her usual kinda grin and Olaf is just adorable! 

The last thing I bought was this Minnie Decorative Shoe. I love the decorative shoe range but sadly only have one other, which is Tink. I went to DLP hoping to find more but sadly they only had Minnie. I had a great interaction with Minnie in Inventions on my trip so I'm happy I was able to get her shoe to remember that! I love the little ears on the back & the big bow on the front. The polka dots just make it though with the classic red. 

That's my Disneyland Paris August 2016 Haul! I know it might not be as exciting as a Youtube video but it's what I feel comfortable doing right now. I hope to do more hauls in the future as I buy Disney things all the time!