Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Disney Store Wishlist - September 2016

The Disney Store is like another home and I'm always wanting things from there so I decided to make a wishlist to organise what I really want. Since I blog about all things Disney, I thought I might as well share my wishlist with you! 

1. Disney Chritmas Decorations - I LOVE Christmas and Disney so when Disney bring out their annual decorations I get so excited! They have made some really stunning decorations this year but my favourite has to be the Peter Pan clock one (pictured). I'm making it my mission to buy some for Christmas this year!

2. Animator Mug - The Animator Collection is one of my favourites and when they expanded it this year with figures, journals & mugs, I was beyond happy! I love the drawings of the Animator Collection and I'm so glad they decided to use them more. This mug uses the art and I love it!

3. Moana - Just this week Disney released the all new Moana merchandise for the new Disney Princess movie coming out later this year. I love the design of Moana as she is totally different to all the other princesses! I also love Moana's sidekick 'Pua' the pig, he is just so adorable! I will need a plush of him for sure!!

4. Snow White Pins - As you know I love pins and I'm collecting characters for my single character board so these new Snow White pins would be perfect as they include Snow White, the dwarves & the Evil Hag! The downside is that they are £130..yeah pretty expensive...I'm hoping they will go on sale soon for cheaper as they aren't selling out. Fingers crossed!

5. Libby Star Darlings Doll - I have two Star Darling dolls, Scarlett & Sage but I really would love Libby for my inner girly girl. I love Pink & Libby is all pink! I love her pink hair & dress so much.
She is on my Christmas list for sure :)

6. Beauty & the Beast Snowglobe - With all the new Beauty & the Beast merchandise coming out, they of course had to bring out a stunning snowglobe, and I mean stunning! I think this is one of my favourite snowglobes I seen and it plays 'Something There' aswell, which is super cute. The scene is the globe is actually one of my favourite as I love the outfits and when Beast gets covered in birds!

7. Merida Animator Doll - Over the past few months I've been loving the Animator Dolls. So far this year I've got Anna, Alice, Aurora, Snow & Belle! And now I'm on the hunt for Merida. I love the size & detail of these dolls, they are perfect! I also love Merida's ginger curly hair so much..I think that's what pulling me to her the most.

That's my wishlist so far, I've probably missed something but oh well!
Do you have a Disney wishlist?

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